2 Day Program
by International Presenter
& Public Speaking Coach

21st & 22nd February 2020
9:00am – 7:00pm

Zabeel House Al Seef, Dubai

This 2 day masterclass has been specifically crafted for business professionals,
executives, coaches, aspiring public speakers and MC. The masterclass has the best techniques and information to support your communication development.
  • Andreea will help you eliminate the fear of speaking in public. She will share with you the key factor that was holding you back from speaking with power and influence. The answer will surprise you…
  • Andreea has identified 6 Mental Blocks that prevent people from speaking with confidence. We’ll explore each one of these blocks and you’ll experience a major release and boost in your confidence.
  • How? She’ll guide you through different proven exercises and practices that will instantly eliminate old habits of speech. Her unconventional approach mixes NLP, acting, music and other holistic practices.
  • You will learn how top speakers in the world take control of anxiety and stress before speaking in public or on camera. Learning the best practices of world class presenters will instantly increase your confidence and make you fall in love with public speaking.
  • You will learn the systematic methods to use your voice to command a room, take control of your body language, and craft stories that are TED worthy.
  • You will experience instant results in the way you sound and feel about yourself as a speaker. As well you will get a voice profiling and a road map to master your speaking voice.
  • Expand your opportunities for yourself as Andreea will show you how to speak and lead — a life where you invite more success and happiness.
  • And much, much more…
Our voice is the authentic
“fingerprint” of our personalities;
it is what sets us apart from the
crowd and has the potential to
make us shine.



The “new rules” of public speaking

Connect with your audience in less than 4 seconds

Effective use of visual communication and body language

Plan and prepare a concise presentation for any audience

Deliver with passion, confidence and conviction

These are some of the qualities that you will acquire by experiencing this masterclass:

Learn the basic rules of charisma – We influence others by improving our presence/stance and ability to instill trust, warmth and power.

Become a confident presenter by mastering self-image and body image – Learn the A to Z of confidence whilst focusing on the psychological aspect self-image and how it is reflected in the behavior and speech.

Discover your voice profile – Understanding your voice, how to use it during a speech or interview, and find your resonance.

Role play exercises to instill confidence and learn body language and presentation skills.

Master story telling – Each time we communicate we are either telling a story or are selling. Improving the story telling technique is at the core of sales.

Present to inspire, educate and entertain.

Eliminate stage fright once and forever

Achieve an excellent level of communication and connection by aligning the 3V of communication: Verbal (mind), Visual (body language) and Vocal (voice – tonality).


Enjy Kiwan
“Andreea has helped me improve my confidence and presenting. I have worked with her before my live events and I’ve noticed a big difference in my confidence on stage. I think every speaker should train with her. She is the best public speaking coach.”
~Enjy Kiwan
TV Personality & Influencer

Ali Maarrawi
‘”I’ve had instant results in my speaking career after attending Andreea’s
~Ali Maarrawi
General Manager OFIS

Adriana Usvat
“There are many wonderful coaches, competent and truly helpful. Andreea belongs to a small subset of this group: the magical and extremely rare coaches, those who teach from personal experience and follow up with us months and years post the training to check on our development.”
~Adriana Usvat
Managing Partner
FLC Group

Sol Abiad
“Andreea methodically applies her profound sensibility for interpersonal relations to bring out the best in every individual with whom she interacts and to facilitate incredibility positive group dynamics. She is instrumental to anyone looking to improve their speaking skills.’’
~Sol Abiad
Director Sorbone University

Alexandra Cojocariu g
‘’Andreea’s style of training is unique, fun and 100% transformational. You can only speak better and with more confidence after her classes.’’
~Alexandra Cojocariu
Business Development Rise Enterprise

Osama Natto 2
“I have worked with Andreea to prepare for my media appearances including magazines, radio and TV as well as preparing for stage appearances for investors
and to the public.’’
~Osama Natto
Entrepreuner and Investor

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Andreea is a presenter, public speaking and confidence coach. She has become one of Dubai’s on demand presenters, key note speakers and coach as she has been residing in UAE for the past 14 years. Besides her presenting activity in Dubai, when her public speaking expertise is called upon to empower high profile individuals and groups, Andreea delivers her “hands-on” transformational workshops and private coaching. Her mission, in her words “I am committed to the people I work with in enabling their “Confident Voice.”


2 Day Program
by International Presenter
& Public Speaking Coach

21st & 22nd February 2020
9:00am – 7:00pm

Zabeel House Al Seef, Dubai

Connect with me: +971 50 4610651